4G Definition of a liquids – Runny, can go through it, can be turned into a solid or gas, takes the shape of its container – but so does sand, can drink some of them, can’t hold it in your hands.

Do you agree? Can you add to 4G’s definition?


6 thoughts on “Liquids

  1. Dear Ms Convery
    I really liked the chemistry lesson where we leart the differences in viscosity of honey, oil and water
    From Josh

    • Thanks for the feedback Josh. Great to hear you enjoyed the activity. This week you will also be investigating other liquids hopefully you will be able to work out what they are and the differences in viscosity.

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks for the link. Yes it does work and I will create a new post so we can all enjoy your fantastic find. Thanks for sharing
      Miss Convery

  2. Well done 4G!
    I can’t wait to hear what else you have done in science.
    Any ways how is it going in the class.
    Hope you are having a great time!
    From Dane

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