Liquids are fluid and change shape depending on what’s holding them(i.e. cup, bowl, pool etc)
They can be thick or thin.( i.e. Different densities) Liquids can flow fast or slow.( This depends on the viscosity of the liquid.) Liquids can be different colours and some liquids are poisonous! Some light things can sit on or float on some liquids. (surface tension)

Some of 4K’s Liquid word list:
Oozing, fluid, drips, runny, drink, dangerous, rushing, flowing, falling, dense, wet, moist

16 thoughts on “Liquids

  1. I loved the viscosity lesson you talk to us about. The honey, oil and water was very interesting and how they flow.

    From Kiana

  2. Miss Convery i loved the class about liquids to and how the flow.The water was flowing the fastest and the cooking oil second,but our honey did not move at all with in 12 minutes

  3. I really enjoyed learning about liquids. I was amazed to see the different viscosity of honey, water and cooking oil. I am going to try some of these experiments at home.
    From Thomas

  4. I enjoyed the lesson you taught me and I am going to try my own experiment on what happens if salt, vinegar and fizzy water when i put them together.

    Sarah 4k

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for your great comments on the grade 4 science blog. This is just a reminder that whenever we are using the internet we don’t use our full name, just use our first name.

      Great to hear you are loving the science we are all doing in grade 4 this term.

      Mr O’Brien and Ms Convery

      • Thanks for telling me the things about elements!!
        And for telling me about not using my full name.See you next week!

        Sarah 4k

  5. Hi, I made cookies last weekend and how does it rise in the heat?
    I am a bit astonished what heat can do to the cakes and cookies.

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