Liquids are fluid and change shape depending on what’s holding them(i.e. cup, bowl, pool etc)
They can be thick or thin.( i.e. Different densities) Liquids can flow fast or slow.( This depends on the viscosity of the liquid.) Liquids can be different colours and some liquids are poisonous! Some light things can sit on or float on some liquids. (surface tension)

Some of 4K’s Liquid word list:
Oozing, fluid, drips, runny, drink, dangerous, rushing, flowing, falling, dense, wet, moist


4O Definition of a liquid;

a liquid will pour
a liquid is runny
if you put it into a container it will become that shape
different liquids have different viscosity
liquids have no permanent shape
a liquid is something you can swallow without chewing it – but all liquids aren’t safe to swallow!
you can’t cut liquid
a liquid like honey has a high viscosity


4G Definition of a liquids – Runny, can go through it, can be turned into a solid or gas, takes the shape of its container – but so does sand, can drink some of them, can’t hold it in your hands.

Do you agree? Can you add to 4G’s definition?


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Matter is all around us. It can be as small as the particles that make up the tiniest cell in our skin or as large as the whole galaxy. Anything that takes up space and has mass is called matter. The matter that we exerience every day and the matter that we are made of is only a tiny fraction of the matter that exists in the universe. By investigating and understanding matter scientists are able to find out more about the universe and its possibilities.