Fizz Whiz

Reflect on the water with the tablet fizzing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 9.44.28 am

What type of change is a tablet fizzing in water?

Why are tablets designed to fizz?

During this lesson you are required to find out about the state of the tablet was it fully dissolved, half dissolved or not dissolved. You will be working in cooperative learning teams to investigate the rate of reaction of a tablet in fizzing water.

What are the variables/things that might affect the rate of this reaction such as;

– size of the tablet

– surface area of the tablet

– type of the tablet

– temperature of the liquid the tablet is in

– amount of liquid

Students can only choose one variable to investigate.

For example if the students were going to investigate effect of water temperature;

Change: the temperture of the liquid

Measure/Observe: how long the tablet fizzes

Keep the same: the size of the tablet, the amount of liquid, type of liquid, type of tablet, type of container, the size of the container and the surface area of the tablet.

Tablet investigation planner

Decide on investigation and conduct investigations.

Analyse and compare graphs

What is the story of the graph?

Does the data in your graph reveal any patterns?

When did the tablet fizz for the shortest time?

At which temperture did the chemical reaction go fastest?

Can you use the graph to make predictions?

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