Mysterious Matters

Mysterious Matters

Learning intention:

– explore different materials

– vote and explain their ideas on whether they think the material are solids, liquids or gases.

Science Outcomes:

– Observe the properties of liquids

– identify that liquid materials flow and take the shape of the container

– identify the features of a fair test and predict which liquid is the most viscous

– work in teams to explore the viscosity of the liquid materials


What is in the contatiner?

Together we are going to be investigating the contents of each container and vote on whether they think each one is a solid, liquid or gas.

Container 1 – IMG_0217

Container 2 – IMG_0220

Container 3 – IMG_0214


Container 4 – IMG_0215

Container 5 – IMG_0218

Container 6 – IMG_0216

Container 7 – IMG_0221

Container 8 – IMG_0219


In each container is a subtance which is either a solid, liquid or gas, as a group you have to decide what it is and determine the properties that help make your decision.


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.40.39 pmDo not smell or eat the items without permission. It is safe for you to smell these items, however do not taste them for hygiene reasons.

How many groups thought that container one was a solid? liquid? or gas?

What challenges did you encounter?

What make it hard to decide?

What adjectives did we use to describe the contents for the containers?

What questions do we now have about solids, liquids and gases?

Voting Matters

Science Understanding

Science as a Human Endeav

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