Introduce conceptual tools that can be used to interpret the evidence and construct explanations of the phenomenon.

Construct multi-modal explanations and justify claims in terms of the evidence gathered.

Compare explanations generated by different students/groups.

Consider current scientific explanations.

Role of the teaching and learninfg activity:

Student reading or teacher explanation to access concepts and terms that will be useful in interpreting evidence and explaining the phenomenon.

Small group discussion to generate explanations, compare ideas and relate evidence to explanations.

Individual writing, drawing and mapping to clarify ideas and explanations.

Formative assessment to provide feedback to teacher and students about development of investigation skills and conceptual understanding.

Small group writing/design to generate a communication product
(for example, poster, oral report, formal written report or PowerPoint presentation, cartoon strip, drama presentation, letter) with attention to form of argumentation, genre form/function and audience, and with integration of different modes for representing science ideas and findings.

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