Classifying Changes

What different changes have we investigated?

Why is categorisation important? Why classify things?

What if we didn’t classify things?

During this lesson students will group the changes which have been investigated as part of the unit.

We are going to use a Venn diagram to visually represent the information.

On the changes card sort there are 10 different cards. Students must use a venn diagram to sort the cards into sets, and explain why you believe that card should be in that set.

The Change Card Sort include;

Melting ice

Buring chocolate

Dissolving sodium bicarbonate

Freezing milk

Melting Wax

Burning candle

Dissolving salt

Evaporating perfume

Fizzing sodium bicarbonat and tartaric acid in solution

Melting chocolate

Venn Diag – 2 circles template

Classifying Changes


Chemical changes-article

Chemical changes_questions

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