Delightful dissolving

Learning Intentions:

– observing salt dissolving in water

– devise and conduct tests to retrieve the salt inits original form.



In cooperative learning teams we are going to investigate how much salt can be dissolved in 100ml and 200ml of water.

Predict how much salt can be dissolved in each glass of water? Give reasons for your prediction.

Salt dissolving table

Model how to complete the table to record observations.

– Is the salt still there when you dissolve it? How do you know?

– Where do the salt cystals go?

How do you know when the salt is no longer dissolving?

You should only taste things if the teacher indicates that it is safe.

Invite speakers to share their team’s results from all groups.

– What advantages is there in analysing the results from all groups?

– Whay are the different groups’ results all not the same?

– How does an average help us?


– Why does the salt stop dissolving?

– Why is it cloudy when you mix the final solution instead of clear like before?

– Which holds more salt, 200mL of water or 100mL of water? Why?

Can we get seperate the salt and water?

Can you represet what you think is happening with the salt and water?


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