Gas Bags

Learning intention:

observe and record what happens when a sodium bicarbonate solution mixes with tartaric acid solution.

What do we now know about dissolving?

Dissolve; become or cause to become incorporated into a liquid so as to form a solution.

In cooperative learning teams you will be working together to investigate the glass full of bubbles, by investigating what happens when combinations of water, sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid are mixed.

What do you predict will happen when you combine water, sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid?

Fizzing Investigation

While reflecting on the investigation;

  • Why do you label the bottles?
  • Why do you label the balloons?
  • Why do you put the power in the balloon?
  • Why do you wipe the funnel each time?
  • Why do discard the paper towel?

If you label the balloons you can keep track of each investigation as all are clear and colourless. If you label the balloons you can keep track of the powders as both are white.
If you place the powders in the balloons you can add the at the same time, after the balloon is upended.
If you discard the paper towel this means you wont accidently wipe the powder onto the funnel.

What is a fair test?

What is a control?

What things might you need to keep the same to ensure that it is a fair test, for example, the same size bottle and amount of ingredients ineach bottle?

What are your predictions?

You are going to use observation to record the results.

Reminder to be careful when handling unknown chemicals.


What are the bubbles?

Do the bubbles come from sodium bicarbonate? Why do you think that?

When do the bubbles appear?

Why do you think that they only appear then?

The bubbles are a gas called carbon dioxide. What is carbon dioxide?

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