See how they run! – Looking at liquids

Learning Intention:

– explore and record in a table the properties of different liquids

– identify properties that are shared by liquids

– discuss how liquids flow and take the shape of the container


How many liquids do you know?

Think of words that describe the properties of the liquids.

Are there any liquids that don’t have water in them?

What are some liquids that are think, and some that are thin?

Looking at the vials decide as a co-operative team wich ones are liquids and which ones are not.


Tips for examining the vial;

– turn the container upside down

– use a magnifying glass to look carefully at each material

– when tipping the container upside down see how long the substance takes to flow to the other end


Speaker are to share the teams findings.

Our claim  is that __________ is not a liquid. Our evidence is _________________.

Science Question Starters

As a grade record findings about what you have found out about liquids.

The common properties of liquids that we have found are __________________.

Some of the things that are different between liquids are __________________.

We had difficulty describing _____________ because ________________.

Email Miss Convery the findings and she will post them on the blog.


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