See how they run! – Runny races

Looking at the containers of cooking oil, water and honey.

What can you observe about the three liquids?

What is the same about the liquids?

What is different about the liquids?

The term ‘viscosity’ is a liquid’s resistance to flow. Do all liquids have the same viscosity?

How might we measure the viscosity of the liquids?

– Put a hole in the bottom of a polystyrene cup and time how long it takes the liquid to run out.

– Time how long it takes for the liquids to run down an incline.

– Tuurn the bottles upside down and time how long it takes for the liquids to run the length of the bottles.


The task is the order the liquids from least viscous to the most viscose and choose how to investigate viscosity of liquids. The investigation must be fair.

Once the task is completed what conclusions can you draw from the results?

Does the grade definition of liquids need to be changed?

Investigation PlannerRunny investigation planner



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