Solid Studies

What are the properties of these materials?

Solid Science

In collaborative learning teams explore the properties of each material of the which the objects are made of.

Fill out the table to record what happened to each material for each test.

What other tests might we perform ?

What does the word hard mean?

Scientists consider hard to mean easily a substance is scratched or worn away. The hardest substance in the world is a diamond. and it can only be scratched by another diamond. For this investigation we will be using the the scientific definition of hard.

What do you think solids have in common?

What ids different about them?

Are powders solids? How do we know? What properties do they have in common with other solids?



One thought on “Solid Studies

  1. We really enjoyed this session with grade 4O and 4G together in our co-operatiive groups!

    We learnt lots about the properties of solids, not only are they hard, they can be soft, pourable, can change their states (rice and washing powder) and yes, powders are solids. Why? We think it’s because they don’t have the properties of liquids or gases so they must be solids! There are only two things in the world either matter or energy. Powders are matter. So we conclude that they are solids because they are not energy either! We are wondering about the properties of dark matter, plasma and dark energy now!

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