What a gas!

Learning intention:

– identify that air is made up of gases and that it takes up space

– work in collaborative learning teams to change one variable in a fair test investigation about air

– compare air and water and discuss how gases spread out to fill their container.


What do we know about gases?

Can you name any common gases?

Looking at these balloons one filled with air and the other with water.

In the ‘air’ balloon it is a combination of several different gases including nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Is the balloon a solid or a liquid? and why do you think that?

The gas in the balloon is bounded by the balloon, which is a solid.

Can you think of any other sxamples of where a gas is bounded by a solid?

– air in a bicycle tube

– gases in an exhaust pipe

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 2.01.11 pm

What do you think is inside the cup?

What about if the cup is upside down?

In cooperative groups you are going to explore the properties of gas.

Tissue in a cup

Allow time for students to complete the task.

Speakers to share their teams finding to the class using the ‘Science question starters’.

Science question Starters

Air takes up space and fills the container.

– Where would the air go if we opened this balloon?

– Where would the water go?


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